• Sequence TV program METROPOLIS
  • MADATAC05, CentroCentro Cibeles, Madrid Spain 2012

CEP_Collective Emotional Perception
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The installation EMOTIONAL PERCEPTION proposes an evaluation machine that measures the viewer's emotional response to the audiovisual pieces selected for the MADATAC05 Festival.

The viewer is emotionally evaluated with an invisible technology that maps the micro-expressions of the face. It uses a scientific method developed by Professor Paul Eckman, who concluded in the 1970s that some expressions are basic and biologically universal in the human species, regardless of age, race or gender.

The project is part of a research process within the field of representation, interaction and human communication skills. Aditionally, a research to explore the process of interaction between the PE installation and the viewer.

All communication models (audiovisual is the most affected due to the mass media), suffer when they generate little involvement, fatigue; when they lose mobilization and interest. The interactive process of this installation aims to give meaning and generate "context" that enriches and adds value to the viewer's involvement with the piece of video art, which in turn is attention.All kind of communication are relevant, that is, it matters if it connects and stimulates emotional areas that give relevance to objective content.